Hot blonde April posing nude on the rock

November 24th, 2012

Meet super beauty model from Femjoy! Her name is April. She’s blonde and many people say she is very hot. She can be romantic and tender. She likes to be different. She loves traveling and she dream to get around the world with a camera in her hands. She loves tasty food and spices, she loves spicy Tabasco sauce.
This girl recently turned 18, and wow, even at that age she’s one of the most sexual and kinky girls we’ve ever met!
Super fun, super cute, super busty girl April is back, as she was so popular and erotic to watch — voted by the members!
Today, her dream came true. Super blonde is posing on the beach, completely naked. She shows her perfect body. April has natural huge tits and clean pussy. She spreading her long legs on the rock.
She looks very young, and very innocent, but she is a mommy already, and surprises us (and herself) with some rather candid photos.

Busty brunette Milana posing nude in erotic series

July 1st, 2012

Busty brunette Milana posing nude in erotic series

Meet Milana  from Femjoy! She is a student from Russia. Busty Milana studies  architectural design and she plans to start hers  own design company. It’s  summer now and school is over, which means it’s time to travel so Hot babe is planning to go to Greece.  Pretty girl loves  hanging out with friends and hosting parties. She practice lots of  sports,  her special love is for tennis. Sexy brunette loves r&b music and go dancing on the weekends.  She likes guys with a sense of  humor and her boyfriend is the one. He likes to look at her sexy naked pics and think of other men looking at me.

Hot busty Carisha posing nude

May 7th, 2012

Meet Carisha from Femjoy! She is perfect woman. Thank you Carisha for returning. You are all wonderful. : )
A beautifully simple set. This model is exquisite and doesn’t need anything more than a camera to have a beautiful set. Just her presence is enough to fill the lens with beauty. Well done and thank you to all involved.
Another perfect nude study of amazing Carisha! She is fabulous! We always look forward to seeing her nudes! She is a true work of art! This shot is a beautiful and classic image exhibiting the wonderful curves of the female nude from the side/rear perspective. A classic silhouette nude, if you will. Large but firm breasts hanging there from a superb female body. Can’t hold my breath. Carisha has the nicest breasts in this gallery. They are firm and fresh. So beautiful!
What a body. We like her pedicure on those lovely toes too!
Carisha is truly angelic!!

Hot Marga posing in erotic series

March 9th, 2012

Meet sexy model from Femjoy! Her name is Marga. This weeks’ exclusive photo set features the red hot, super sexy and sultry Marga E. in “Lost In Your Arms”. When we first met Marga, she was working as a waitress in a posh restaurant. Needless to say, she was a bit restless in that job and could not wait to break out of her shell and do something exiting. How glad we were when she agreed to make this the exiting things she was going to do! She’s such a natural too. Hardly any direction was needed. She just began to strut around, jumping on the bed, showing off her fantastic body?? and her favorite parts. : ) It was quite an afternoon and one we will not forget any time soon. Thank goodness we have pictures to prove it!

Marga is posing in erotic series. She has long redhead hair, sweet tits with beautiful nipples, pretty pussy and long legs. She loves sexy clothes, especially stockings. She likes showing her perfect body and we love look at her.
We love that flaming red hair and her lovely slender buttocks. Transparent white stockings are fun. We would love to rub them while she is wearing them and then peel them off! :P   Marga is absolutely stunning! We think she is just about perfect….except…she should let that red hair grow a little down below. Or, is it red? Maybe its not….but it’d be great if she dared to show us. This is a gorgeous gallery of a incredibly beautiful young woman.
Very cute model, very arousing pose, would love to taste and explore all of that.

Sexy Beua posing outside

February 25th, 2012

Meet sexy blonde model from Femjoy! Her name is Beau. When she was a child she lived near the sea and visited the beach every day except in winter. So she can say that she is a beach girl, maybe even a mermaid. So, that why she likes seas very much, she likes all what can be connecting with water. She likes to look at ships moving across the sea. Maybe sometime she will move again to the sea because her can not lives without it.

This week’s exclusive photo series features the statuesque and stunningly gorgeous Beau in her Femjoy premiere. And what a premiere it is! She has such a commanding presence while being equally inviting and alluring. Just her standing there is sexy! : )
Today Beau is posing outside. She is absolutely gorgeous! What a fantastic body, sly smile, beautiful face and lovely long blond locks. She is a wonderful addition to Femjoy. The curves are just so sublime. Never mind the angle just indulge your eyes on the breathtaking beauty of her femininity. Deliciously sexy. Astonishingly good ~ breathtaking imagery all the way. Beau simply glows with sensuality…

Beauty Sussan posing in the mountains

February 10th, 2012

Hi! Meet Sussan from femjoy. Susann is always posing for galleries in the mountains. The setting is wonderful and Susann is as beautiful as ever. As always, we love her long slender legs and her bottom is so cute and pretty. Susann presents such a lovely, elegant, feminine image. Thanks, Susann, for letting us sees your adorable, naked buttocks. The mountains really compliment her, or vice versa. Either way, a wonderful combination… model, mountains, photographer. A lot of natural beauty in this picture. Susann is our all-time favorite Femjoy model. Her face is hauntingly beautiful and her body is magnificent. She’s mesmerizing. We love hiking in the mountains, so seeing this gorgeous woman in a setting that’s so dear to our warms the heart (and other places.) We can never get enough of Susann. Thank you for bringing her to our, Mr. Soell.
Our Queen of the Hill! Susann, as beautiful as ever. Does any of God’s creatures equal the beauty of this Goddess??? We love you, Susann.

Petite Nilola posing at the pool

January 30th, 2012

Hi. This is petite girl from Hegre-Art. Her name is Nikola. She is as refreshing as a light breeze at dawn. 18 year old Nikola has a fragile charm. She manages to be both mysterious and naïve at the same time. This is a rare quality. Her photo assignments with us are the first major ones she has undertaken. Until now she has concentrated on her studies at a business academy. Very recently that she has come to see that her beauty is as much of an asset as her intelligence. Gradually she is becoming aware of how powerful her sexual aura is. She is looking forward to exploring it.

In this set Nikola is posing absolutely nude at the pool. She’s one of the real Hegre girls. She’s not having any limitations. Young girl has slim body with nice tits. Nikola is not only very pretty; she has such a delightful sweet smile. Nikola, you are lovely. Nikola is very cute, very sexy. Her beauty is pure bliss. This girl is so beautiful, she radiates warmth, personality, and fun, gorgeous breasts and a nice tight body, and she’s our kind of girl. Naughty Nikola is showing a delicate hint of pink. So gorgeous…

Thanks Nkola for visiting us again!

Beauty Engelie posing nude on the couch

January 20th, 2012

Meet brunette girl from Hegre-Art! Her name is Engelie. She is from Ukraine. In her home country Ukraine she was on course to be a top tennis player. “I could have done it too” she laughs “But my breasts kept getting in the way”. She has no complaints though. Those full, voluptuous breasts have given her lots of pleasure. She is not the only one who thinks they are magnificent. With being such a sporty girl, she received plenty of massages. That got her to thinking about what it would be like to massage other girls. Naturally that included her close friend Kiki. Now she can indulge herself in all the fantasies that she was secretly thinking.

Engelie, you’re one of the most sensual models with a beautiful face and a perfect body! Like to see more of you and your smile :) She is very nice model. Beautiful body, nice and exciting poses. We hope to see other set!

Today Engelie is posing absolutely nude on the couch. She is showing her pretty tits and clean pussy. Nice girl likes showing sexy body in erotic series. She has brunette hair, sweet eyes and strong body, long legs. We were utterly bewitched by her slender beauty, her shock of dark hair falling about her visage and the way she moved. We are truly smitten…

Gorgeous Susann posing outside

January 10th, 2012

Hi! This is model from Femjoy! It’s hard to find a model on FEMJOY for whom member praise is more consistently high than Susann, especially in her images from Stefan Soell. The two have worked together so many times, their relationship has become second nature. And that second nature continues to pump out some of the finest nude nature photography on our site.
This kneeling pose is wonderful. Susann has those sweet little dimples in her lower back. Just delightful. But not as delightful as her lovely buttocks. So soft and cute. The cleft between her cheeks has our rapturous. Thanks, Susann, for this wonderful image of your naked body. She is so delicious, charm and sweet. Lovely face and body. Susann’s body is so amazing! A cast should be made and a statue created to preserve its beautilicious perfection! Perfect hourglass figure. A beauty, head to toe, that leaves our struggling for words. Truly a beautiful work of art. This certainly captures the imagination. Susann is gorgeous.

Super blonde Kinga posing in erotic series

December 29th, 2011

Meet blonde model from Femjoy! Her name is Kinga.
“One of the true godesses of Femjoy is back and as gorgeous as ever! She is a true work of art. Just look at this classic nude: Kinga makes a perfect nude with her gorgeous hourglass figure. She could not look any more beautiful!”
“It was six years ago, in 2005, that I found the ideal of female beauty that I had been dreaming of since I was a boy, in Stefan Soell’s photography at Femjoy. All his models are beautiful, but my favorites were Kinga and Corinna, and they always will be. I love Kinga’s lush fall of hair, her clear gray eyes and sensuous mouth, her ability to wear her own skin like the finest fashion, and the maturity and intelligence beneath it all… I bet many will agree that the more than fifty photo sets and videos done by Kinga are a treasure that will endure for a long, long time to come.”
“Today it was so nice to find lovely Kinga gracing the Femjoy site again… her beauty is surely eternal because she just keeps getting better looking! ”
Blonde girl  has a gorgeous body. Kinga, you are so pretty and your bottom is lovely. She likes showing her naked body in erotic series. This is sexy.

Kinga you are a classic pinup. You have nice petite shapely feet. Good see you again. Stefan thanks for the extra pics.

Super Carisha posing in the bathtoom

December 13th, 2011

Meet busty blonde Carisha. A gallery of Carisha photos always makes for a wonderful day. This girl is so beautiful. She is very elegant and has such a delightful smile on that very pretty face. We adore her lovely buttocks which are so smooth and shapely. We have commented in previous galleries about the sweet little birthmark on Carisha’s right buttock and there it is again. It adds to the beauty of this lovely girl’s delightful bottom. We love Carisha’s well shaved smooth armpits and beautiful breasts. Carisha’s body is a beautiful work of art – nude perfection. Absolutely stunning.
Thank-you cam, for the nice words.. We think Carisha is so, beautiful. We, also feel Stefan did a wonderful job, portraying that beauty.. Since we,all, share this thinking, we’re sure there will be much more, to come.. Thanks, again.. Carisha and Stefan, how are you going to top this?

You are completely gorgeous. You make our knees weak. The only other thing we could wish for is to see more of your pussy.
Thanks so much for showing your lovely body and your lovely smile.

Incredible, absolutely incredible! Carisha continues to keep flooring us with her beauty! She is magnificent in this set! She is a work of art! We just adore Carisha!

Beauty Rosalin posing nude at the beach

December 4th, 2011

Hi! This is Rosalin – model from Femjoy. She is a university student of tourism, her specialty is tourism management. She loves to travel and her dream is to travel to the Maldives. She loves the exotic countries which is the reason she chose for herself this profession. She loves an active lifestyle and especially loves to dance. In the future she plans to open her small travel business.
Today Rosalin is posing at the seaside. She is getting nude in erotic series outside. She looks is beautiful. Great nudes of adorable Rosalin! Love her cute smile. Also so glad to see her completely nude from start to finish. Such a lovely and natural little body! Exceptionally cute girl. She conveys so much joy in these pictures. It’s nice to see a model enjoying her poses so much.
What a nice shot! Beautiful full frontal, sweet shaven pussy, and cute tits all on display! And might we add a beautiful smile and gorgeous eyes! :) So sweet and lovely. We love these form of young girl’s waist and legs. Rosalin, you are very sexy even wearing blue jeans. Well, maybe being Topless helps quite a bit! You are simply adorable, dear lady. We love looking at you. (Really love your tits.)

Petite Anne posing in erotic series

November 21st, 2011

This is Anne – model from Femjoy! Gorgeous girl, she reminds us of actress Natalie Dormer, who played Anne Boleyn in The Tudors. This is a great shot. Anne has a sexy look, hot body and an awesome shaved twinkle. Beautiful, sexy woman, and what an incredibly sultry gaze into the eyes of the viewer in this image. We love the uninhibited posing Anne performs throughout this gallery, and we can’t wait to see more of this gorgeous girl ! Very artistic photographic skills are displayed, really interesting – at least in this set, model. Anne must be a dancer, skater, or other type of athlete….. she has a magnificently toned body to go with her beautiful face as well. Lots of textile in this one but God forgive me, it added to the erotic flavor of the entire gallery. Kudos to the artist and the model !

Very original work. Great poses and Anne is a vision of delight. We do not like the dress because it veils the shape of her body, but after it comes off the photos are fantastic.

Beautiful gallery. One of the best we guess. Great model with a perfect shaped body and feminine yet erotic poses. We’ll be looking forward to see more of her.

Sexy Stacey posing in erotic series

November 10th, 2011


    Meet sexy model from Femjoy! Her name is Stacey. She loves to travel around the world and have visited many beautiful country and beautiful cities. Her dream is to go on a round the world trip on a big tourist liner. Right now She is getting an education and she studies at the university. She is very sociable, cheerful, and sympathetic. Friends say that she needs a very good man who is sincere. She hopes her photos will please you.
    Today Stacey posing in sexy erotic series. Stacey is magnificent, just a true beauty. Wonderful breasts, perfect body, and she apparently has a great sense of humor. She’s very good at giving directions. Stacey, is it correct to say that you are a very naughty girl? Gosh, how I love your boobs and titties!!!
… it would be fun to do this, too! Thank you, Stacey, for being so full of fun, and thanks to Mr. Soell for being willing to do these very erotic photographs!
Thank you, Mr. Soell, for giving us 50 pics of the lovely Stacey! She is squeezing exactly what I would love to squeeze.
Gorgeous – Stacey has to be one of the hottest girls on this site!

Sofie showing her huge tits and pussy

October 28th, 2011

Hello! This is model with huge natural tits from Femjoy! Her name is Sofie. She likes sports like fencing and volleyball. She also collect flags, and memorabilia from different countries and now her collection is about 300 items from more than 20 countries.
Today Sofia is posing at home. She likes posing in sexy positions. Stunning, provocative and so expressive. Amazing photographer!!! Amazing woman! This has to be one of the best sets we’ve ever seen from a photographic sense. Sometimes clothed sexier than nude. We love all of Sofie’s shoots, but this one is extra special Thanks to both Sofie and Sven. Beautiful, sexy, confident! Love it! These legs – so long, so slender, so sexy. They go on and on and on and on… She likes showing her big tits with puffy nipples and beautiful shaved pussy, wow.
Sofie gorgeous in this set! We love her! Her curves absolutely drive us crazy! She has the kind of body a woman should have and the type we dream of!

Beauty brunette Malvina posing on the rock

August 29th, 2011

Meet super model from Femjoy! Her name is Malvina.

Great nudes of lovely Malvina. Love the backdrop and the use of the sun to exhibit Malvina’s oh so silky, smooth, tan and wonderful body. This is a terrific shot showcasing her beautiful

eyes, cute little smile, natural breasts, perfect flat tummy and gorgeous hourglass hips. Great girl!

Lovely Malvina, topless from the start, and naked for almost all. I like it when the striptease does not last too long. You are a beautiful young lady, dear. Please keep pleasing us! She looks fabulous in this outdoor setting. The way the sun enhances her looks and entire lovely body, especially her legs.

Malvina always radiates calm, beauty, peacefulness with an adorable personality.. Makes a guy wonder, what books, she reads, what does she do for fun, what tunes, are on her Ipod. Such a charming young lady, such a joy to see… Malvina captures the imagination, makes you want to believe, in the possible, the real…. All of it.. Just like a movie… I would love to have a small part. Until the next scene… Love…..

Sexy blonde Carisha showing her body

August 27th, 2011

Hi this is Carisha – super hot model from Femjoy! Dear Carisha: the sweet melody of your smile, the harmony of your dreamy eyes & soft creamy skin, and the rhythm of the glorious curvature of your body, all come together in a symphony of visual euphoria. If only you knew the absolute delight I feel when gazing upon your loveliness. You are so, so beautiful….

Carisha, You are simply gorgeous. there’s nothing that needs to be improved on your sexy perfect body!!!. Your breasts are awesome ,and hair never belongs south of your beautiful head. Your shaved bajingo Is a thing of beauty.

Thank you for the amazing pose, I cannot say It enough- You are a gorgeous model.

A splendid and beautiful set with an amazingly beautiful woman. She is a work of art herself. Such beautiful, light, simple photography. I just love it. Thank you so much to all involved. Well done indeed.

Absolutely succulent! So cute and natural and sexy. Hope to see much more of the lovely Carisha on future! Thanks!

My God, this girl is the most perfect thing I have ever seen. Every thing about her is as good as it gets. It is so great that she is working with Mr. Soell, as this gallery is so beautiful and so classy. I love the serious look. Very, very sexy. But her smile is heart-melting, too. This may just be the best gallery in the history of Femjoy, and I REALLY mean it this time. Thank you Carisha you lovely creature, and Mr. Soell….fine work

Our new favorite. Please keep up the great work. Looking forward to the next round of photos from Carisha.

Pretty busty Hayden posing on the red box

August 22nd, 2011

Meet hot redhead model from Femjoy! Her name is Hayden. Hayden, you look beautiful.. Your hair, your face, the eyes, the … Sure can’t ignore the obvious!! A beautiful pair of tits, breasts, hooters, art is open for interpretation and expression. Stefan, most of all, knows this. Thank-you Hayden, and Stefan, for this bit of “Art”… Peace, on this Sunday, to all…..

Lost for words to describe Hayden – she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Hayden forget about hairdressing and make your career as an artists and photographers life model. For you not to be drawn, painted and photographed nude would be a tragedy!

Don’t let it go to your head, but in my mind you are the loveliest girl on the planet!

Today Hayden is posing in sexy erotic series. She is posing nude on the rex box. Hot girl likes dress in sexy clothes, especially black stockings. She looks amazing in this set. Hayden has beautiful face and hair, slender body, hot breasts and pretty pussy. Love the way her breasts hang free like that, very hot.

Hayden is a dream come true. All the better to see her beautiful photos after hearing her on the recent video. She is magnificent.

Busty Marjana posing nude

August 11th, 2011

Meet super hot model from Hegre-Art! Her name is Marjana. Marjana is a girl from the far North. From Siberia the land of snow, forests and lakes. But the warmth of her personality is more like its hot springs

We love her melting smile. It goes perfectly with her eyes that are as blue as ice. Her snow white skin and her voluptuous breasts complete the picture.

She has headed south like an exotic migrating bird to the warmth of the Mediterranean. Her arrival in Barcelona was the first glimpse she has ever had of the sea. Everything is new and exciting to this child of nature. This is her first experience of nude modeling

Today Marjana is posing in erotic series. She is showing her huge tits and pussy. Busty girl has long brunette hair, blue eyes and sweet smile.

Thank you, Peter, for yet another completely nude study of the beautiful and perfect Marjana! And thank you, also, Marjana. Hegre-art will never be the same if it ever loses either of you! Marjana  has the most perfect body and nipples in the world! She will never go out of style.

Yes indeed, a very interesting and evocative set. I love the lighting and reflective nature of the entire shoot. Very imaginative and well executed. Thank you to all involved.

Hot Annabelle posing nude

August 5th, 2011

Hi! Meet gorgeous model from Femjoy. Her name is Annabelle. She is a student from Russia. She studies architectural design and she plans to start her own design company. It’s summer now and school is over, which means it’s time to travel so she is planning to go to Greece. She loves hanging out with friends and hosting parties. Annabelle practices lots of sports; her special love is for tennis. She loves R&B music and goes dancing on the weekends. She likes guys with a sense of humor and her boyfriend is the one. He likes to look at her sexy naked pics and think of other men looking at her

Today Annabelle is posing in erotic series. She has natural round breasts, sexy waist and erotic abdomen, very delicious! Perfect nude, perfect stark-naked, perfect form…

Oh Annabelle, I am in deep, deep, reverential awe! How can a woman be so perfectly put together and have such a beautiful face and sweet smile. It is wonderful to behold such beauty, but at the same time bittersweet, as it is unlikely I will ever become close to let alone posses a woman this beautiful. But thank you lovely young lady, and Platonoff… are the BEST!

Super! Annabelle is exquisitely beautiful, from the sparkling intensity in her eyes, her perfectly formed breasts, lithe and graceful figure, flat tummy, enticing pussy, all very skillfully rendered by Platonoff with softly shaded light, simple setting and props, and poetically erotic posing. Platonoff is definitely the king of Femjoy, and Annabelle is one of his gorgeous queens.

Hot Angelica taking shower

August 1st, 2011

Meet super hot model from Hegre-art! Her name is Angelica. With her long flowing locks and pale blue eyes never was a girl more appropriately named. There is definitely something angelic about Angelica! And Russian born Angelica is living proof that models can possess both beauty and brains. She spent four years studying for a psychology degree, specializing in sexology no less! This gives her a very kind, open and understanding nature. She is also interested in fashion design and loves to eat sushi.

Angelica has previously modeled in China and Israel but her session with Petter marked her first time posing nude. Her ethereal looks, long legs and positive attitude make her perfect model material.

Today Angelica is posing in sexy erotic series. She is taking shower. Pretty girl is showing clear eyes, beautiful face, skin and hair, and her pretty shaved pussy and cute tits kitty should go nude always. Angelica is such a beautiful woman. Oh, wow. We are in love! Angelica is absolutely perfect. We love this photo!!! So sexy posing!!! Please more photos like this pose!!!!!! This set is Petter’s best work , good job !!!!!!

Hot redhead Angelina posing at the pool

July 20th, 2011

This is redhead model from Femjoy. Her name is Angelina. When she was younger she remembers the most important thing to her was the Friday disco. At times she would have to plead her parents to let her go and she would do almost anything to get there. It was her world with the music, the boys and everything for the rest of the week was just a gloomy break in between two parties. Later she became a bit of a trance fan going to these big ecstasy shows. And now? She likes to stay in; she goes to bed before ten because she just loves to sleep. Pretty girl can not understand some of her friends why they go to clubs. It’s something she’s been through and she’s had enough. Her future boyfriend does not have to be a party animal, just someone terribly amusing. She is after an ordinary guy who will love her and respect her and with whom she will love to spend long winter nights in bed.

Today Angelina is posing at the pool in erotic series. She has long redhead hair and green eyes.

Angelina is a sexy girl with a hot body! Love the shape of her face, her beautiful eyes. How succulent does Angelina look here? Beautiful! Great set! Outstanding! This is great girl next door with a great smile and such a beautiful, natural body. Such wonderful boobs and hourglass hips! Very beautiful ass.

She’s an incredible beauty year-round, but something about Angelina outside in the summer just blows the top off of the thermometer. Whether it’s the color in her skin or the sun freckles that come out across those beautifully sculpted cheeks, but “hot” is just about the best descriptor that I can think of. And damn, is she hot. I’m sure that she’s raising the temperature of the pool water, just by running her fingers through it…

 Congratulations and thank you to Angelina and Palmer, stellar work. There are your best outdoor photos of Angelina yet!

Hot brunette Susann posing nude outside

June 30th, 2011

Meet super hot model from Femjoy! Her name is Susann. She is from Germany.

Susann is professionally involved in dance, she is very elastic, and she loves gymnastics. Busty brunette is an energetic girl, so her hobby is walking, sports, dancing and socializing with friends. She loves the nightlife, she loves dancing, and catching her receiving admiring glances and compliments. Pretty girl loves attention. Photography is her new hobby; she hopes your love her photos on Femjoy. If you do, she will keep posing again and again for this site.

            Today Susann is posing absolutely nude outside. She is showing her perfect body in the river. Pretty girl has long brunette hair and blue eyes, and sweet smile.

            Susann, you are something special!!!. Your incredible gorgeous breasts and slim torso make you a very special model. The fact that your kitten is shaved only adds to your overall beauty.

            Dear Susann, thanks a lot for making new photos. Every time we watch your pics, it is an extra ordinary joy. Please make much more of them. .

Gorgeous Anabelle relax nude at home

June 20th, 2011

This gorgeous busty model from Femjoy!  Her name is Anabelle and she is a student from Russia. Beauty girl studies architectural design and she plans to start her own design company. It’s summer now and school is over, which means it’s time to travel so she is planning to go to Greece. Busty brunette loves hanging out with friends and hosting parties. She practice lots of sports, her special love is for tennis. She loves R&B music and goes dancing on the weekends. Pretty girl likes guys with a sense of humor and her boyfriend is the one. He likes to look at her sexy naked pics and think of other men looking at me.

There’s just something about the always beautiful and ever so sexy Anabelle that makes us keep coming back to her over and over again. O.K., she’s beautiful. Yes. O.K., she’s sexy. Definitely, yes. But there’s something else. Something in her eyes. In her attitude. In her overall confidence. In all of those things… and more.

Whatever “it” is, Anabelle has “it”, in spades – and we are so glad and proud to feature her in this week’s “Best of FEMJOY”. We feel so lucky to have had the pleasure of photographing her beautiful naked body without any hesitation or inhibition in all types of settings… and positions. : )

Who wouldn’t enjoy such a beauty?

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Blonde Dorea getting nude on the table

May 20th, 2011

Meet beautiful girl from Femjoy! She is Dorea and she is from a small town on the bank of a very large river. This is a very beautiful and picturesque place. Hot blonde like walking around these places in the summer, enjoying the sun and laying on a beach. She has a big friendly family. Her hobby is cooking tasty dishes. She is very happy when all members of our family are together in the living room.

Today pretty model posing in erotic series. Hot girl likes sexy clothes. She is taking off blue dress. Blonde teen showing  pretty tits and clean pussy.

We still can’t get over Dorea’s eyes. Two calm, clear pools of blue in the midst of that beautiful, sun-freckled face and auburn hair. Still waters run deep, and those eyes are as enchanting as they are mysterious…

As many beautiful new women as there have been on the site, Dorea is the one who has really taken hold of us imagination and not let go. We are very glad to see that she has already made her third appearance here, and hope that we see here again many more times to come. And thanks again to Valentino for sharing such an amazing beauty with us.

Looking forward to your return…

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Gorgeous busty Corinna posing at the seaside

April 25th, 2011

Hi! This is gorgeous blonde model from Femjoy. Corinna, aka Daniela Rцsch, is studying at the Mainz University in Germany.

Today Corinna is posing at the seaside.

Corinna, Corinna… you are so very beautiful; you have such perfection of form and curve, top-to-bottom, side-to-side, and front-to-back; you have the cutest navel I’ve ever seen; and your sweet smile chases the shadows away. Corinna — your name is synonymous with perfect beauty.
The sweet succulence of this goddess named Corinna was one of the main reasons I joined FemJoy in the first place. It is always a grand day when she appears!

Corinna is without a doubt one of my top 10 Models @Femjoy.
Her smile is just adorable and she seems really having fun doing this set at a beach.

Come back soon, Angel

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Beauty blonde Krista posing in sexy positions

April 18th, 2011

Beauty blonde Krista posing in sexy positions

Hello, her name is Krista. Blonde girl has been working as a fashion model since she was 12. She was working as model in Tokyo, Beijing, Milan and Paris. Photo modeling is not her job but is her passion. She really loves that feeling that she has during a photo shoot, especially when she is naked! In the summertime, blonde loves to go to the beach and ride roller skates with her girlfriends.

Today Krista is posing in sexy erotic series. She has long blonde hair, such beautiful eyes! And Kristy, you are also perfect everywhere between your eyes and your feet! Also her feet are so deliciously lovely! Beauty young girl showing her absolutely fabulous, beautiful body, beautiful face.

We love this set! Kristy is sweet and playful throughout these photos, and the simple presentation keeps all of the focus on her and her beauty. Many more favorites than three here. Well done Kristy and Palmer, thank you!

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Sexy redhead Marlen posing at home

April 6th, 2011

            Hi! Meet hot Marlen from Femjoy!

            She is not a professional nude model but pretty redhead enjoys revealing her beauty in front of camera. Marlen is the assistant of a make up artist and she hopes she can, one day, work in the professional fashion markets worldwide. Beauty girl likes aerobics and she goes to the gym regularly. She pays a lot of attention to her diet to keep her body well-shaped, along with sport. Sexy teen likes to find new friends and spend her time with them to learn more and more, not just for fun or to waste time.

            Welcome to lovely Marlen! Very nice premiere! She has such a sweet face, beautiful redhead hair and perfect complexion, and oh, those lovely breasts. Pretty girl likes posing in sexy erotic series.

             Today she is posing at home. Marlen is showing her gorgeous beautiful face and body, and gorgeous enthralling eyes. Please come again very soon!

Sexy blonde Pia showing her beauty body

March 10th, 2011

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March 3rd, 2011

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