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Sexy Beua posing outside

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

Meet sexy blonde model from Femjoy! Her name is Beau. When she was a child she lived near the sea and visited the beach every day except in winter. So she can say that she is a beach girl, maybe even a mermaid. So, that why she likes seas very much, she likes all what can be connecting with water. She likes to look at ships moving across the sea. Maybe sometime she will move again to the sea because her can not lives without it.

This week’s exclusive photo series features the statuesque and stunningly gorgeous Beau in her Femjoy premiere. And what a premiere it is! She has such a commanding presence while being equally inviting and alluring. Just her standing there is sexy! : )
Today Beau is posing outside. She is absolutely gorgeous! What a fantastic body, sly smile, beautiful face and lovely long blond locks. She is a wonderful addition to Femjoy. The curves are just so sublime. Never mind the angle just indulge your eyes on the breathtaking beauty of her femininity. Deliciously sexy. Astonishingly good ~ breathtaking imagery all the way. Beau simply glows with sensuality…

Beauty Sussan posing in the mountains

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Hi! Meet Sussan from femjoy. Susann is always posing for galleries in the mountains. The setting is wonderful and Susann is as beautiful as ever. As always, we love her long slender legs and her bottom is so cute and pretty. Susann presents such a lovely, elegant, feminine image. Thanks, Susann, for letting us sees your adorable, naked buttocks. The mountains really compliment her, or vice versa. Either way, a wonderful combination… model, mountains, photographer. A lot of natural beauty in this picture. Susann is our all-time favorite Femjoy model. Her face is hauntingly beautiful and her body is magnificent. She’s mesmerizing. We love hiking in the mountains, so seeing this gorgeous woman in a setting that’s so dear to our warms the heart (and other places.) We can never get enough of Susann. Thank you for bringing her to our, Mr. Soell.
Our Queen of the Hill! Susann, as beautiful as ever. Does any of God’s creatures equal the beauty of this Goddess??? We love you, Susann.

Petite Nilola posing at the pool

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Hi. This is petite girl from Hegre-Art. Her name is Nikola. She is as refreshing as a light breeze at dawn. 18 year old Nikola has a fragile charm. She manages to be both mysterious and naïve at the same time. This is a rare quality. Her photo assignments with us are the first major ones she has undertaken. Until now she has concentrated on her studies at a business academy. Very recently that she has come to see that her beauty is as much of an asset as her intelligence. Gradually she is becoming aware of how powerful her sexual aura is. She is looking forward to exploring it.

In this set Nikola is posing absolutely nude at the pool. She’s one of the real Hegre girls. She’s not having any limitations. Young girl has slim body with nice tits. Nikola is not only very pretty; she has such a delightful sweet smile. Nikola, you are lovely. Nikola is very cute, very sexy. Her beauty is pure bliss. This girl is so beautiful, she radiates warmth, personality, and fun, gorgeous breasts and a nice tight body, and she’s our kind of girl. Naughty Nikola is showing a delicate hint of pink. So gorgeous…

Thanks Nkola for visiting us again!

Hot redhead Angelina posing at the pool

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

This is redhead model from Femjoy. Her name is Angelina. When she was younger she remembers the most important thing to her was the Friday disco. At times she would have to plead her parents to let her go and she would do almost anything to get there. It was her world with the music, the boys and everything for the rest of the week was just a gloomy break in between two parties. Later she became a bit of a trance fan going to these big ecstasy shows. And now? She likes to stay in; she goes to bed before ten because she just loves to sleep. Pretty girl can not understand some of her friends why they go to clubs. It’s something she’s been through and she’s had enough. Her future boyfriend does not have to be a party animal, just someone terribly amusing. She is after an ordinary guy who will love her and respect her and with whom she will love to spend long winter nights in bed.

Today Angelina is posing at the pool in erotic series. She has long redhead hair and green eyes.

Angelina is a sexy girl with a hot body! Love the shape of her face, her beautiful eyes. How succulent does Angelina look here? Beautiful! Great set! Outstanding! This is great girl next door with a great smile and such a beautiful, natural body. Such wonderful boobs and hourglass hips! Very beautiful ass.

She’s an incredible beauty year-round, but something about Angelina outside in the summer just blows the top off of the thermometer. Whether it’s the color in her skin or the sun freckles that come out across those beautifully sculpted cheeks, but “hot” is just about the best descriptor that I can think of. And damn, is she hot. I’m sure that she’s raising the temperature of the pool water, just by running her fingers through it…

 Congratulations and thank you to Angelina and Palmer, stellar work. There are your best outdoor photos of Angelina yet!

Gorgeous busty Corinna posing at the seaside

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Hi! This is gorgeous blonde model from Femjoy. Corinna, aka Daniela Rцsch, is studying at the Mainz University in Germany.

Today Corinna is posing at the seaside.

Corinna, Corinna… you are so very beautiful; you have such perfection of form and curve, top-to-bottom, side-to-side, and front-to-back; you have the cutest navel I’ve ever seen; and your sweet smile chases the shadows away. Corinna — your name is synonymous with perfect beauty.
The sweet succulence of this goddess named Corinna was one of the main reasons I joined FemJoy in the first place. It is always a grand day when she appears!

Corinna is without a doubt one of my top 10 Models @Femjoy.
Her smile is just adorable and she seems really having fun doing this set at a beach.

Come back soon, Angel

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Hot Anastasia in water

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Hey there everybody! Her names are Anastasia and she lives in Budapest. Hot blonde likea to travel and she had the opportunity to visit a lot of cities here in Europe. Cute teen has been already in Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Barcelona, Milan and Bratislava. Also, she drives a lot with her car and in the summertime she often goes to the Balaton, the Hungarian Sea. One of her hobbies is dancing and another one is horseback riding. Beauty girl would like to buy her own horse but blonde thinks she doesn’t have the time to give all the attention a horse needs.

Today Anastasia is posing nude outside. She has long blonde hear, blue eyes, beautiful breasts and such a lovely smile, and your body is without flaw.

In this set real hot shots of Anastasia in the water! I love the shots of her fully shaved pussy and like to splash in the water together with her! More hot and wet shots would be wonderful with a lot of shots from her nice tits and gorgeous pussy!

Petite blonde Chantal posing outside

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Petite blonde Chantal posing nude outside

            Hi, meet blonde model from Femjoy! Her name is Chantal. Photography is not the only thing that she likes to do. Her main interest is her future profession, her study architecture. This means her time is almost fully occupied by it. Sometimes Blonde girl find time for her hobbies: knitting, sewing, needlework, reading, cooking, yoga and photosets of course. Why does she do it? She has no clear answer, Chantal just does like it. Maybe one day her life will change radically. Pretty teen likes studying but she is starting to get very tired of it. Innocent blonde dreams to have a big family. Perhaps becoming good wife and mother can make her really happy, more than anything else.

            Petite blonde Teen has tiny tits and clean virgin pussy. She posing nude in erotic series outside.

Blonde Miela with huge tits posing outside

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Blonde Miela with huge tits posing outside

Meet busty blonde model from Femjoy! She is name Miela.

Pretty teen has a calm character and she prefers to relax by reading books and listening to music. She has some close friends and blonde thinks that any person can have only several friends during life. She prefers honest people who aren’t afraid to say the truth even it can bring a pain. During her childhood she had music lessons and her teacher said that she’s a talented girl. Now busty girl play the piano when she feels something change in her sole and it helps her to feel better and think about something from another side. She can relax playing.

Beauty blonde girl looks amazing nude! She has sweet smile, blue eyes, big natural breasts with hard nipples and beautifully curvy body.

Today Miela is posing in erotic series outside. She likes photography very much, and sexy teen devotes a lot of time to it. Busty blonde showing absolutely naked body with dog. She loves animals exactly a black dog.  

So check site femjoy for her updates…

Sexy redhead Sindi relax nude outside

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Sexy redhead Sindi relax nude outside

Meet Sindi B, beauty model from Ukraine. Hot girl is red, the color of the sun and she likes the sun and sea. She loves to travel around the world have visited many beautiful country and beautiful cities. Her dreams are to go round the world trip on a big tourist liner. This is her dreams and it is quite feasible! Right now she is getting an education and she studies at the university.

Sexy redhead teen is very sociable, cheerful, and sympathetic. Friends say that she needs a very good man who is sincere. She hopes her photos will please you.

Pretty girl is very active. Sindi likes sports and fitness especially swimming, biking and aerobics.

Beauty girl is an erotic model because she loves erotic photos. Cute redhead teen has a huge collection of art photography. It really drives her and she is enjoying posing for MET ART.

Hot blonde Lilu fishing

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Hot blonde Lilu fishing

Gorgeous busty Susann relax nude outside

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Gorgeous busty Susann relax nude outside

Pretty blonde Anastasiya getting nude outside

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Pretty blonde Anastasiya getting nude outside

Petite brunette Dayana relax nude outside

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Petite brunette Dayana relax nude outside

Dayana she is from Ukraine but moving to Spain and livin near Barselona.

She likes Mediterranean Sea and often swim and sun basing. She has a boy friend Italian man from Napoli and they together going to compania and trvel from Varcatura to Positano.

Beautiful erotic pics from Dayana would be hi appreciated by met art staff and they placed Dyana on the top there models. Dayna is passionate brunnete bitch :) always playing with boys before she is not meet her real boyfriends. So If you like young tits and bold cunt real bitch looks like virgin you need to chek this set now.

Daynba is still learn in college and going to work in travel agency or going on big cruise liner.

She likes travel and likes to be in Europe. Likes going to countries where main languages are pain.

Enjpy this set, and fascinating black virgin.

Busty blonde Marylin relax nude in the sea

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Busty blonde Marylin relax nude in the sea

Busty Marlyn is from Greece. She like nymph from nude ancient world ! Like sun basing nude near rocks and swimming absolutely naked in the Aegean Sea. She call this sea Archipelago, as in ancient worlds call her ancestors. After her twelve years Marlyn moved Los Angeles and becomes  student in medical college. She always be proud to be Greece and she is ofen come to Athens to see her family…once time we find nude giolrs and the  local (Greece) nudist beach and sugest to posing for femjoy sites….She let us make this series and we made good photos when she come to Europe.

So go and see Marlyn’s big perfect boobs, she has real amateur tits, not fake boobs like most blondes in California. I think we make masterpiece with her nude sets in the sea and on the rocks, from deep watrer you can see her teen pussy and nice young huge tits.

Hot blonde Belinda relax nude outside

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Hot blonde  Belinda relax nude outside

                Belinda is sexy german girl from Munich. She is posing in the alp near Trento, in the hart of garda lake. Belinda moved to New York and were miss beauty in her college in USA. She real sexiest girl and new in femjoy site. Her natural young tits with pretty face and charming manners make Belinda for us miss femjoy. Belinda have a boy friends famous hip hop star and want to move to Vegas after finishing college. She wants try to sing songs and maybe make a good career, she suppose for help from her boyfriend. Belinda first time nude and you would never see her nude photos in any site. So if you are real fan of naked girls, Belinda must be in your collection. Sexy German blonde become sexy New York coeds and dreaming to be a rock star, what a sweet baby? Is’nt it ?

Innocent virgin Julia nude at the sea.

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Cute innocent Petra posing at the seaside

          Julia is another virgin 18 years teen in our coeds blog. She is also from met art and from Ukraine. This set was made in Anatolia Turkey. Julia sexy coeds, she is from old Ukrainian city Lvov. She study in Institute of international relations and she love warm sea and sun. She is like to walk nude in wild place at the sea, and swimming nude and sun basing, her naked body captivates all men near.

But Julia not simple nudist, she likes amateur nudism beach, but she like also expensive hotels and sometime she going travel in comfortable hotels and famous places like Hawaii, Bahamas,  Nice, Monte Carlo , Maldives , Thailand and others places. So if you like young nudist teen, you must chek this update, enjoy this tiny angels, with her perfect tits, and her wet virgin pussy.

Gorgeous busty Jayla posing outside

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010



Gorgeous busty Jayla posing outside

                 Jayla is a sexy Italian coeds. She is from Roma, and as a lot of Italians girls she is have dark hair and brown eyes. She is pretty, has big firm tits, and clean shaved holes. If you want to find more photos of Jalya you can check femjoy site, you download all from it. Jaula likes pizza and any Italian pasta like carbonara or others, she drink wino rosa (red wine) almost every day, and you can meet her at piazza republica in hard rock café every Friday. You can ask of Jalya it and drink quite a lot How she is keep so slim and strong body ? She also doing fitness 3 times a week and 2 times having her yoga lessons. She also like cam sutra end even have sex with famous Indian guru , which teached her in any incredible sex positions….Sounds good ? Check her pics , but sorry no hardcore …only softcore pics but you can imagine yourself How she can fuck ;) Enjoy sexy Italian girl Jayla.

Natural blonde Teen relax nude in the field

Monday, September 20th, 2010


Natural blonde Teen relax nude in the field

          Mary is sexy Swedish girl. She living in Stockholm with her father, and learn at Stockholm college of modern art. Mary is a nudist girl. She likes travel to warm countries and visit nudist beach. She frequent guest on nudism forum or chat, and she knows a lot of place where can have sun basing without anything, her pussy likes sun  and young amateur tits too ….Her favorite beaches are in Florida near Miami like Daytona beach, Hawaii Freedom beach and  some place in Thailand at Phuket island little north from patong beach. We met her in Ukraine at black sea,  at the place called ‘lisya buhta’. She likes to be filmed and often likes watch her petite nude body. She also was amazing from outdoor sex, and sometimes going nude or naked outdoor and without panty. Enjoy this models from femjoy site.

Cute brunette girl relax nude outside

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Cute brunette girl relax nude outside

Jennifer beautifull australian girl who moved to USA in her child years. She was so sexy and charming that all people passing by look and wath to her body. Once time her friend told her that It would be nice if she begin posing and getting nude. Jenifer thinking but agree finally and call to femjoy company to sign contract. As an amateur model she at once was excellent model and favorit femjoy girl. Her young tits and teens body make all people crazy, slim perfect and even virgin body attracts man fans expert of woman’s beauty ;) .


Teen with natural big tits relax nude on the yacht

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Teen with natural big tits relax nude on the yacht

Juli from Femjoy is a realy gift for you!

Blonde teen came from the country side to the Metz city and just started modeling. 19 years blonde beauty teen still very young and hope that she can makes an international career. Blonde with blue eyes and nice tits would like to visit as many of the different countries as she can. Her most hobbies are: dancing, going to parties and shopping. Pretty Juli also like to listen to good music and go to the cinema. For the moment, her preferred singer is Lady Gaga, teen pretty tits knows she’s not everybody’s favorite. Teen with long legs also enjoy all films that have Johnny Depp.

Now pretty blonde Juli has rest on the luxury yacht with her boyfriend! Natural blonde teen posing absolutely naked on the yacht!

Hot young blonde teen showing her fine long legs and her pink pussy! Enjoy watching her fantastic tits and slender tight naked body!

Pretty blonde teen striping in the spring garden

Friday, June 25th, 2010
Pretty blonde teen striping in the spring garden
Meet beauty blonde Tinna from Femjoy! Blonde teen decided to try at least one time for herself, and she really liked it. Blonde teen with round tits hope to get praise! Tinna loves to pamper herself. Cute teen fonds of the history of old cities and she would like to see Athens and Rome. Free time pretty teen often spend with her friends and they loves to play mind games. Now she has a new favorite pastime. Tinna is a young model, and girl loves it!

Today pretty blonde has rest in the spring garden.Cute blonde teen dressed in the linen pants.Then beautiful slim blonde Tinna is stripteasing taking off her pants and showing her hot tits and clean pussy! Enjoy seeing her gorgeous body and her beautiful face as she is doing her best to make you hard outside.

Blonde with really big tits posing nude in the garden

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Blonde with really big tits posing nude in the garden

Beauty blonde Sandra presents her new set for Femjoy. Sandra has shine blonde hair and sweet smile and her famous huge natural tits.
Blonde babe was born in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Busty blonde is very proud of her small country and she likes living here. One of her beloved actors is Bruce Willis. During weekends hot blonde met her friends and she also likes to go singing at karaoke bars. Sandra with milky boobs really happy Femjoy accepted her as a model.
Today babe with perfect big tits with large nipples posing in the garden.
Sandra absolutely naked and you can see her pink wet pussy and sexy body.
This beautiful blonde babe is showing you her sexy slim body as she’s stripteasing and posing her really big tits and pussy! The short-haired blonde teen cannot decide which pose is the best, so she tries all positions to present her super- sexy beauty body…

Gorgeous brunette nymph posing nude on the swing outside

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Gorgeous brunette nymph posing nude on the swing outside

Susann from Femjoy is a real estate agent. She also appears, as an actress in some TV series. Long-haired curly brunette with big tits is very cheerful, hard working, and sociable. Gorgeous brunette was two times champion of gymnastics, and recently strong lady purchased a very good camera, and plan to become a good photographer, hopefully for Femjoy.
Pretty babe was born in London in ordinary intelligent family. Babe with really long legs was a very vigorous girl, she was all over the places! 21 years old brunette did everything on run. Susann was often compared to a tornado.
Today beauty Susann with really big natural tits posing on the swing at the river.
Look at her super sexy body and her tight pussy. Susann seems as a real forest fairy!

Gorgeous blonde Kinga showing her naked body at the river

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Gorgeous blonde Kinga showing her naked body at the river

Look the first outdoor photo session this spring from famous model Kinga! This blonde beauty is a good-known model from Femjoy.

This super-beauty blonde babe do not like to leave the house. Kinga loves the comfort and household utensils.

Blonde with big natural tits loves to cook, and create a home comfort. It makes her happy to has the smell of clean laundry around. Natural blonde prefer to stay home and read books and listen to melodious music. Even on trips she do not like to leave the hotel. Long-haired blonde really like to take a hot bath with bubbles. Pretty erotic model can lie in it for hours!

Look at her pretty naked body at the river! She seems so beauty and gorgeous with her big natural tits and tight slim pussy. Kinga shows all parts of her naked body for you!

Blonde teen with beauty big tits striping outdoor

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Blonde teen with beauty big tits striping outdoor

Beauty blonde Magda was born in Moldova, but then she moved to Norway. Magda now lives in the small Norway city . Blonde teen with beauty round breasts is a professional dancer, and she participates in many shows, and TV programs. Tall hot teen practice sports a lot and smart girl also study cosmetology.

18 years old teen posing in white shirt at the rock. Enjoy her cute tanned body, her silk blonde hair and her beauty blue eyes.

Sexy beautiful babe with nice tits is posing in her cloth, playfully taking it off to show her naked body outdoor. Take your time and enjoy seeing this slim girl’s hot solo as busty teen proud shows of her young smiled face and super-sexy body and her large nipples!

Brunette with big milky tits relax outside

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Brunette with big milky tits relax outside

Hi! My name is Susann, I live in Italy, in the old city on Tirso River. I like to spend time with friends on the beach in the summer. I also love swimming and athletics. In the winter, I like to visit the indoor pool. I work as a teacher of drawing in primary school and love to paint. On summer vacation, we are leaving by boat to the island to live there in tents like savages a few days! I hope everyone likes my poses in photos.

Today I decided to relax outdoor at the spring field. My friends say that I have very sexy looks, especially they loves my big natural boobs and long brunette hair.

I dressed in white summer dress, I don’t wear lingerie.

I feel freedom and calm on the nature. Then I take off my dress and stay absolutely naked. Look at my strong body, my long legs, my shaved pussy and my big natural tits. I hope you like my first outdoor set for Femjoy in this year.

Brunette with big milky tits posing nude at the river

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Brunette with big milky tits posing nude at the river

Monika works teacher in Elementary School. Sexy brunette lives in Barcelona, Spain.

She loves Ibiza and almost every summer she finds herself there! “Galicia” is her favorite Spanish food. Monika has always enjoyed erotic photographs. Brunette with natural big tits loves the female form and she so excited to try herself in it. Hot teacher also has many hobbies such as cooking, shopping, and visiting with friends as often as possible. They loves going for picnics when the weather is nice.

Today weather is nice and Monika posing absolutely naked at the river. Look at her big boobs and strong body with snow-white skin. Busty Monika posing with flowers and seems as forest nymph. This brunette is a real gift for Femjoy and you!

Busty brunette woman showing all parts of her gorgeous body, enjoy her big milky tits with large nipples and strong body.

Brunette coed in public action on the road!

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Brunette coed in public action on the road!

Young brunette Liza presents her first erotic set on Femjoy. Liza is a new model, so she hopes that you will like her.

Teen with natural brunette hair study in university and lives the life of ordinary coed. 18 years old teen loves parties, meeting her friends, Internet and visiting new place.

Teen with pretty tits is a young girl who likes to live and see as much as she can in this interesting world.

Today you can see our new model on the road.

Young shameless dressed in sexy denim only!

Brunette teen looks sexy and hot. Young nudist spreading her cute body, her nice round tits and her long legs in public! Then cute coed starts her striping action. Liza takes off her narrow denim and you can see her sporty young ass. Petite teen Liza is posing her sexy small tits, her pink shaved pussy as she is determined to get your cock stone hard! See how she plays with her body during her wild solo as she gets totally naked! Enjoy her wild public nudity action.

Pretty cheerleader relax on the swing

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Pretty cheerleader relax on the swing

Pretty Angelie is a 18 years old coed from Sydney, Australia.

Cute girl is part time erotic model, young teen also works as make up artist and she study in University in political science.

You can see this petite brown-eyed teen in few short films about youth, she played the role of cheerleader, because teen with puffy nipples is a best cheerleader in her university and its clear why: curly brunette teen loves sport, especially fitness and clear coed has really nice firm body.

Anhelia with round tiny tits has a big dream is to develop her skills in acting and to be a successful actress. Teen with young puffy nipples looks positive and open, so petite teen always well liked by photographers.

Today Angelie walking to the beach. She dressed in her cheerleader uniform and sneakers. Pretty coed decided ride on a swing , then coed girl showing her striptease action at the swing and totally undressed. Look at this beauty young nudist and enjoy her slim body and her pretty tits with puffy nipples and young pussy.

Innocent brunette Teen takes off her white lingerie at the pool

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Innocent brunette Teen takes off her white lingerie at the pool

My name is Yana and I am currently a student. I like to go dancing with my friends, and to take long walks with my dog Nikki. I love going to this huge field behind my house so my dog and I can run and play. I love nature and sitting outside with a good book. I was born in Breukelen , Netherlands. I decided to spend my summer holidays with my mother in Egypt. Look my evening photo session near hotel in Hurghada.

Enjoy my first photo session for Femjoy. How I look in my lovely erotic lingerie at the pool?

I think, that I am seems very sexy and gorgeous… I dressed in white stockings and silk lingerie: little panties and bra. I have long natural brunette hair and big eyes. I like sport, so I have good sporty body with round nice ass. My tits are small and tender with little hard nipples. Enjoy my slim naked body when I absolutely undressed…I sitting at the pool and showing my pink little pussy for your pleasure.

I know, that I looks pretty and gentle at the water.