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Hot blonde April posing nude on the rock

Saturday, November 24th, 2012

Meet super beauty model from Femjoy! Her name is April. She’s blonde and many people say she is very hot. She can be romantic and tender. She likes to be different. She loves traveling and she dream to get around the world with a camera in her hands. She loves tasty food and spices, she loves spicy Tabasco sauce.
This girl recently turned 18, and wow, even at that age she’s one of the most sexual and kinky girls we’ve ever met!
Super fun, super cute, super busty girl April is back, as she was so popular and erotic to watch — voted by the members!
Today, her dream came true. Super blonde is posing on the beach, completely naked. She shows her perfect body. April has natural huge tits and clean pussy. She spreading her long legs on the rock.
She looks very young, and very innocent, but she is a mommy already, and surprises us (and herself) with some rather candid photos.

Busty brunette Milana posing nude in erotic series

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

Busty brunette Milana posing nude in erotic series

Meet Milana  from Femjoy! She is a student from Russia. Busty Milana studies  architectural design and she plans to start hers  own design company. It’s  summer now and school is over, which means it’s time to travel so Hot babe is planning to go to Greece.  Pretty girl loves  hanging out with friends and hosting parties. She practice lots of  sports,  her special love is for tennis. Sexy brunette loves r&b music and go dancing on the weekends.  She likes guys with a sense of  humor and her boyfriend is the one. He likes to look at her sexy naked pics and think of other men looking at me.

Hot busty Carisha posing nude

Monday, May 7th, 2012

Meet Carisha from Femjoy! She is perfect woman. Thank you Carisha for returning. You are all wonderful. : )
A beautifully simple set. This model is exquisite and doesn’t need anything more than a camera to have a beautiful set. Just her presence is enough to fill the lens with beauty. Well done and thank you to all involved.
Another perfect nude study of amazing Carisha! She is fabulous! We always look forward to seeing her nudes! She is a true work of art! This shot is a beautiful and classic image exhibiting the wonderful curves of the female nude from the side/rear perspective. A classic silhouette nude, if you will. Large but firm breasts hanging there from a superb female body. Can’t hold my breath. Carisha has the nicest breasts in this gallery. They are firm and fresh. So beautiful!
What a body. We like her pedicure on those lovely toes too!
Carisha is truly angelic!!

Hot Marga posing in erotic series

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Meet sexy model from Femjoy! Her name is Marga. This weeks’ exclusive photo set features the red hot, super sexy and sultry Marga E. in “Lost In Your Arms”. When we first met Marga, she was working as a waitress in a posh restaurant. Needless to say, she was a bit restless in that job and could not wait to break out of her shell and do something exiting. How glad we were when she agreed to make this the exiting things she was going to do! She’s such a natural too. Hardly any direction was needed. She just began to strut around, jumping on the bed, showing off her fantastic body?? and her favorite parts. : ) It was quite an afternoon and one we will not forget any time soon. Thank goodness we have pictures to prove it!

Marga is posing in erotic series. She has long redhead hair, sweet tits with beautiful nipples, pretty pussy and long legs. She loves sexy clothes, especially stockings. She likes showing her perfect body and we love look at her.
We love that flaming red hair and her lovely slender buttocks. Transparent white stockings are fun. We would love to rub them while she is wearing them and then peel them off! :P   Marga is absolutely stunning! We think she is just about perfect….except…she should let that red hair grow a little down below. Or, is it red? Maybe its not….but it’d be great if she dared to show us. This is a gorgeous gallery of a incredibly beautiful young woman.
Very cute model, very arousing pose, would love to taste and explore all of that.

Beauty Sussan posing in the mountains

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Hi! Meet Sussan from femjoy. Susann is always posing for galleries in the mountains. The setting is wonderful and Susann is as beautiful as ever. As always, we love her long slender legs and her bottom is so cute and pretty. Susann presents such a lovely, elegant, feminine image. Thanks, Susann, for letting us sees your adorable, naked buttocks. The mountains really compliment her, or vice versa. Either way, a wonderful combination… model, mountains, photographer. A lot of natural beauty in this picture. Susann is our all-time favorite Femjoy model. Her face is hauntingly beautiful and her body is magnificent. She’s mesmerizing. We love hiking in the mountains, so seeing this gorgeous woman in a setting that’s so dear to our warms the heart (and other places.) We can never get enough of Susann. Thank you for bringing her to our, Mr. Soell.
Our Queen of the Hill! Susann, as beautiful as ever. Does any of God’s creatures equal the beauty of this Goddess??? We love you, Susann.

Gorgeous Susann posing outside

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Hi! This is model from Femjoy! It’s hard to find a model on FEMJOY for whom member praise is more consistently high than Susann, especially in her images from Stefan Soell. The two have worked together so many times, their relationship has become second nature. And that second nature continues to pump out some of the finest nude nature photography on our site.
This kneeling pose is wonderful. Susann has those sweet little dimples in her lower back. Just delightful. But not as delightful as her lovely buttocks. So soft and cute. The cleft between her cheeks has our rapturous. Thanks, Susann, for this wonderful image of your naked body. She is so delicious, charm and sweet. Lovely face and body. Susann’s body is so amazing! A cast should be made and a statue created to preserve its beautilicious perfection! Perfect hourglass figure. A beauty, head to toe, that leaves our struggling for words. Truly a beautiful work of art. This certainly captures the imagination. Susann is gorgeous.

Super Carisha posing in the bathtoom

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Meet busty blonde Carisha. A gallery of Carisha photos always makes for a wonderful day. This girl is so beautiful. She is very elegant and has such a delightful smile on that very pretty face. We adore her lovely buttocks which are so smooth and shapely. We have commented in previous galleries about the sweet little birthmark on Carisha’s right buttock and there it is again. It adds to the beauty of this lovely girl’s delightful bottom. We love Carisha’s well shaved smooth armpits and beautiful breasts. Carisha’s body is a beautiful work of art – nude perfection. Absolutely stunning.
Thank-you cam, for the nice words.. We think Carisha is so, beautiful. We, also feel Stefan did a wonderful job, portraying that beauty.. Since we,all, share this thinking, we’re sure there will be much more, to come.. Thanks, again.. Carisha and Stefan, how are you going to top this?

You are completely gorgeous. You make our knees weak. The only other thing we could wish for is to see more of your pussy.
Thanks so much for showing your lovely body and your lovely smile.

Incredible, absolutely incredible! Carisha continues to keep flooring us with her beauty! She is magnificent in this set! She is a work of art! We just adore Carisha!

Sofie showing her huge tits and pussy

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Hello! This is model with huge natural tits from Femjoy! Her name is Sofie. She likes sports like fencing and volleyball. She also collect flags, and memorabilia from different countries and now her collection is about 300 items from more than 20 countries.
Today Sofia is posing at home. She likes posing in sexy positions. Stunning, provocative and so expressive. Amazing photographer!!! Amazing woman! This has to be one of the best sets we’ve ever seen from a photographic sense. Sometimes clothed sexier than nude. We love all of Sofie’s shoots, but this one is extra special Thanks to both Sofie and Sven. Beautiful, sexy, confident! Love it! These legs – so long, so slender, so sexy. They go on and on and on and on… She likes showing her big tits with puffy nipples and beautiful shaved pussy, wow.
Sofie gorgeous in this set! We love her! Her curves absolutely drive us crazy! She has the kind of body a woman should have and the type we dream of!

Sexy blonde Carisha showing her body

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Hi this is Carisha – super hot model from Femjoy! Dear Carisha: the sweet melody of your smile, the harmony of your dreamy eyes & soft creamy skin, and the rhythm of the glorious curvature of your body, all come together in a symphony of visual euphoria. If only you knew the absolute delight I feel when gazing upon your loveliness. You are so, so beautiful….

Carisha, You are simply gorgeous. there’s nothing that needs to be improved on your sexy perfect body!!!. Your breasts are awesome ,and hair never belongs south of your beautiful head. Your shaved bajingo Is a thing of beauty.

Thank you for the amazing pose, I cannot say It enough- You are a gorgeous model.

A splendid and beautiful set with an amazingly beautiful woman. She is a work of art herself. Such beautiful, light, simple photography. I just love it. Thank you so much to all involved. Well done indeed.

Absolutely succulent! So cute and natural and sexy. Hope to see much more of the lovely Carisha on future! Thanks!

My God, this girl is the most perfect thing I have ever seen. Every thing about her is as good as it gets. It is so great that she is working with Mr. Soell, as this gallery is so beautiful and so classy. I love the serious look. Very, very sexy. But her smile is heart-melting, too. This may just be the best gallery in the history of Femjoy, and I REALLY mean it this time. Thank you Carisha you lovely creature, and Mr. Soell….fine work

Our new favorite. Please keep up the great work. Looking forward to the next round of photos from Carisha.

Busty Marjana posing nude

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Meet super hot model from Hegre-Art! Her name is Marjana. Marjana is a girl from the far North. From Siberia the land of snow, forests and lakes. But the warmth of her personality is more like its hot springs

We love her melting smile. It goes perfectly with her eyes that are as blue as ice. Her snow white skin and her voluptuous breasts complete the picture.

She has headed south like an exotic migrating bird to the warmth of the Mediterranean. Her arrival in Barcelona was the first glimpse she has ever had of the sea. Everything is new and exciting to this child of nature. This is her first experience of nude modeling

Today Marjana is posing in erotic series. She is showing her huge tits and pussy. Busty girl has long brunette hair, blue eyes and sweet smile.

Thank you, Peter, for yet another completely nude study of the beautiful and perfect Marjana! And thank you, also, Marjana. Hegre-art will never be the same if it ever loses either of you! Marjana  has the most perfect body and nipples in the world! She will never go out of style.

Yes indeed, a very interesting and evocative set. I love the lighting and reflective nature of the entire shoot. Very imaginative and well executed. Thank you to all involved.

Hot Annabelle posing nude

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Hi! Meet gorgeous model from Femjoy. Her name is Annabelle. She is a student from Russia. She studies architectural design and she plans to start her own design company. It’s summer now and school is over, which means it’s time to travel so she is planning to go to Greece. She loves hanging out with friends and hosting parties. Annabelle practices lots of sports; her special love is for tennis. She loves R&B music and goes dancing on the weekends. She likes guys with a sense of humor and her boyfriend is the one. He likes to look at her sexy naked pics and think of other men looking at her

Today Annabelle is posing in erotic series. She has natural round breasts, sexy waist and erotic abdomen, very delicious! Perfect nude, perfect stark-naked, perfect form…

Oh Annabelle, I am in deep, deep, reverential awe! How can a woman be so perfectly put together and have such a beautiful face and sweet smile. It is wonderful to behold such beauty, but at the same time bittersweet, as it is unlikely I will ever become close to let alone posses a woman this beautiful. But thank you lovely young lady, and Platonoff… are the BEST!

Super! Annabelle is exquisitely beautiful, from the sparkling intensity in her eyes, her perfectly formed breasts, lithe and graceful figure, flat tummy, enticing pussy, all very skillfully rendered by Platonoff with softly shaded light, simple setting and props, and poetically erotic posing. Platonoff is definitely the king of Femjoy, and Annabelle is one of his gorgeous queens.

Hot brunette Susann posing nude outside

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Meet super hot model from Femjoy! Her name is Susann. She is from Germany.

Susann is professionally involved in dance, she is very elastic, and she loves gymnastics. Busty brunette is an energetic girl, so her hobby is walking, sports, dancing and socializing with friends. She loves the nightlife, she loves dancing, and catching her receiving admiring glances and compliments. Pretty girl loves attention. Photography is her new hobby; she hopes your love her photos on Femjoy. If you do, she will keep posing again and again for this site.

            Today Susann is posing absolutely nude outside. She is showing her perfect body in the river. Pretty girl has long brunette hair and blue eyes, and sweet smile.

            Susann, you are something special!!!. Your incredible gorgeous breasts and slim torso make you a very special model. The fact that your kitten is shaved only adds to your overall beauty.

            Dear Susann, thanks a lot for making new photos. Every time we watch your pics, it is an extra ordinary joy. Please make much more of them. .

Gorgeous Anabelle relax nude at home

Monday, June 20th, 2011

This gorgeous busty model from Femjoy!  Her name is Anabelle and she is a student from Russia. Beauty girl studies architectural design and she plans to start her own design company. It’s summer now and school is over, which means it’s time to travel so she is planning to go to Greece. Busty brunette loves hanging out with friends and hosting parties. She practice lots of sports, her special love is for tennis. She loves R&B music and goes dancing on the weekends. Pretty girl likes guys with a sense of humor and her boyfriend is the one. He likes to look at her sexy naked pics and think of other men looking at me.

There’s just something about the always beautiful and ever so sexy Anabelle that makes us keep coming back to her over and over again. O.K., she’s beautiful. Yes. O.K., she’s sexy. Definitely, yes. But there’s something else. Something in her eyes. In her attitude. In her overall confidence. In all of those things… and more.

Whatever “it” is, Anabelle has “it”, in spades – and we are so glad and proud to feature her in this week’s “Best of FEMJOY”. We feel so lucky to have had the pleasure of photographing her beautiful naked body without any hesitation or inhibition in all types of settings… and positions. : )

Who wouldn’t enjoy such a beauty?

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Gorgeous busty Corinna posing at the seaside

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Hi! This is gorgeous blonde model from Femjoy. Corinna, aka Daniela Rцsch, is studying at the Mainz University in Germany.

Today Corinna is posing at the seaside.

Corinna, Corinna… you are so very beautiful; you have such perfection of form and curve, top-to-bottom, side-to-side, and front-to-back; you have the cutest navel I’ve ever seen; and your sweet smile chases the shadows away. Corinna — your name is synonymous with perfect beauty.
The sweet succulence of this goddess named Corinna was one of the main reasons I joined FemJoy in the first place. It is always a grand day when she appears!

Corinna is without a doubt one of my top 10 Models @Femjoy.
Her smile is just adorable and she seems really having fun doing this set at a beach.

Come back soon, Angel

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Sexy busty Sofia posing at the pool

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

            Meet super hot model from Femjoy! Busty brunette girl is from Ukraine. Her name is Sofia. Brunette girl studies in an educational institute. She will be a psychologist. Busty teen plays the piano and she is good singer as well. Sofia likes to sing very much, and she listens to jazz and classical music. Sexy girl goes to fitness clubs for fun. If there’s good weather, she runs in the park. Beauty teen likes harmony and she loves hot chocolate as well.Also she likes sports, likes fencing and volleyball. Sofia also collects flags and memorabilia from different countries and now her collection is about 300 items from more than 20 countries.

            Today she posing nude in erotic series. Pretty girl showing her body at the pool. Sofia has large breasts and adorable nipples, a screaming hot pussy, long legs. She is very cute girl and her wet ass looks fantastic.

            Sofia is one of the most beautiful girls you could have on your site. What a beautiful photoes! Sofia is fantastic!

Busty brunette Susann posing nude outside

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Busty brunette Susann posing nude outside

This is Susann – real treasure from Femjoy! Hot young girl lives in Munich, Germany. Sexy teen is a student. Super cute Susann is a real temptation. Young, innocent and a beauty to die for. Her luscious and virgin body will cause a lot of melting impacts and instant addiction to everyone of you.

Today she is posing absolutely nude in erotic series outside. Susann has pretty face, lovely long legs, delightful curly hair and beautiful curvaceous buttocks.

Susann is so very beautiful, and is displayed once again by the master himself. Very short but very, very sweet. Quality, not quantity. Wonderful gallery!

Hot redhead Ariel posing in erotic series

Friday, December 24th, 2010

Hot redhead Ariel posing in erotic series 

Meet sexy redhead model from Femjoy! She name is Ariel.

            Ariel is a clever, neat, responsible, sociable and tender young lady. She hates lies and people who tell them. Redhead girl is an easy-going person. She has lots of different interests, as she is very curious and interested in many very different things. Her first passion is archery even though it is rather hard. Busty redhead likes to read books, to watch interesting movies, especially comedies. She likes to swim and to make barbeque in the summer with her friends. Hot girl tries to be in good shape and she thinks that her energetic and active life will always keep her in good shape. It is difficult to list everything she draws pleasure from.

            Sexy model is posing in erotic series. She has long redhead hair and green eyes. Her body is beautiful. She likes showing her sweet big tits and wet pink pussy.

            Ariel’s loving smile, plus her wonderful figure, plus the smooth skin over every inch of her body, plus presenting herself very explicitly, combine to make this a masterpiece image in a masterpiece gallery.

Blonde Miela with huge tits posing outside

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Blonde Miela with huge tits posing outside

Meet busty blonde model from Femjoy! She is name Miela.

Pretty teen has a calm character and she prefers to relax by reading books and listening to music. She has some close friends and blonde thinks that any person can have only several friends during life. She prefers honest people who aren’t afraid to say the truth even it can bring a pain. During her childhood she had music lessons and her teacher said that she’s a talented girl. Now busty girl play the piano when she feels something change in her sole and it helps her to feel better and think about something from another side. She can relax playing.

Beauty blonde girl looks amazing nude! She has sweet smile, blue eyes, big natural breasts with hard nipples and beautifully curvy body.

Today Miela is posing in erotic series outside. She likes photography very much, and sexy teen devotes a lot of time to it. Busty blonde showing absolutely naked body with dog. She loves animals exactly a black dog.  

So check site femjoy for her updates…

Gorgeous busty Susann relax nude outside

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Gorgeous busty Susann relax nude outside

Sexy blonde Lisen getting nude

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Sexy blonde Lisen getting nude

Hot teen Lisen is from Norway. As all Scandinavian gilrs she is sexy and blonde. Lisen work as a teacher in college in Oslo and try her first nude photos first time and with biggest erotic site met art.

Her big milky boobs and young smooth skin attract us to her naked body and most of people want to meet her…She like wearing hi heels slippers and looks all time sexy , I think she probably have some operations with her hot tits, ans I think she had some silicone inside tits. Anyway lisen youn hot and sexy. If you like nude girls and nude teachers :) you must show Lisen from met-art nude page .

Busty Gudrun posing nude on the couch

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Busty Gudrun posing nude on the couch

Rebecca is the hottest models in site. Rebecca os from France and living neat lion. After her sweet eighteens she moved to Paris and enter in the modern art college. She is study and painting naked girls, she also painted herself and have reward from Paris art academy.

She has huge collection of young , extravagant and sexy girls, she like painting france , English American and Russian models, also she travel to east Europe in country like cheh republic Praha, slovenia Bratislava , Hungary Budapesht and Ukraine Kiev in all these countries she pick up sexiest college girls and painting them and even do photo session and place to femjoy or met art sites.

Rebeca have quite enouph big natural tits, her hard puffy nipples cover big part of her bobs.

Her excellent body and amateur pussy never been fucked like bustards and other dirty guys.

Rebecca likes her amateur nudes collection and going to produce you erotic book with best nudes in the world. So check site femjoy for her updates…

Busty blonde Marylin relax nude in the sea

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Busty blonde Marylin relax nude in the sea

Busty Marlyn is from Greece. She like nymph from nude ancient world ! Like sun basing nude near rocks and swimming absolutely naked in the Aegean Sea. She call this sea Archipelago, as in ancient worlds call her ancestors. After her twelve years Marlyn moved Los Angeles and becomes  student in medical college. She always be proud to be Greece and she is ofen come to Athens to see her family…once time we find nude giolrs and the  local (Greece) nudist beach and sugest to posing for femjoy sites….She let us make this series and we made good photos when she come to Europe.

So go and see Marlyn’s big perfect boobs, she has real amateur tits, not fake boobs like most blondes in California. I think we make masterpiece with her nude sets in the sea and on the rocks, from deep watrer you can see her teen pussy and nice young huge tits.

Sexy busty Peach taking shower

Monday, September 27th, 2010


Sexy busty Peach taking shower

                   Now you can see new set of famous met arts models Peach. Peach has the best natural big tits I have ever seen. And when we ask her getting nude, stroke her huge teen tits, soap and playing with water, we make masterpiece set in the college shower. Peach is 100% American coeds, she live in California in small town Fresno and moving in Sun Francisco. She studies in medical college and maybe she will become a dirty nurses ;) But niw she just an angel. Young virgin body, pretty smile and massive natural tits make her sexiest models of met art. Also I want admit her vagina, her huge pussy lips and tight hole, she cuming about 2-3 times during 4-5 minuets sex, and she do not like fuck a lot of time. Enjoy this California nude beauty and send message to her from our blog.

Blonde Pauline with huge tits on the couch

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010


Blonde Pauline with huge tits on the couch

                    Let me introduce new gorgeous American coeds Pauline, she has a big natural tits, I would young natural bobs! She is from Seattle, and she is almost professional musicians.  She like posing nude and we make a lot of photos with Pauline. Young tiny body, expressive blue eyes , and natural blonde hair with big nice tits, also rank this girls in hi positions in our top. Pauline not shy, and prefer have sex with a lot guys and she like hold cocks between her tits, and feel better orgasm when man cum on her big young tits. Enjoy this set Pauline and write what you think about her boobs.

Gorgeous busty Teen taking shower

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Gorgeous busty Teen taking shower


       Malden is sexy Poland girl. She was born in Wroclaw and moved to USA with her parents. Then we pick up her in Los Angelis and  make so good pics. I think nobody tell me that Madlen’s young natural tits are usaual or ordinary tits. So huge big boobs I never saw before in real life, it is not silicon , Mladlen has all natural. Mladlen like having showers and stroke her huge tits , she even some time masturbating in tube, because her temperameter is quite different from usual girls,   she wants to have orgasm every days, but sometimes her boy friend cannot share bed together , so … Maybe Would you like to Join Mladlen ?  So if want to see more nice teens boobs, or just see more Mladlen go to met art site and pick up more tits !

Pretty blonde teen posing absolutely naked

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Pretty blonde teen posing absolutely naked

Conny is a good-known model from Femjoy.

She is very optimistic and also a romantic person. Pretty blonde loves when the fluffy snow falls from the sky and she also loves to ski outside the city. My grandfather has a wooden hut and sometimes Conny meet with friends and plays ethnic songs with the guitar.

Conny has natural blonde curly hair and blue eyes with long eyelashes.

See as hot curly babe Conny is posing absolutely naked! Look at her gorgeous ass and nice big tits! See as blonde beauty is getting totally exhibitionist to make you stone hard!…

Pretty lesbians relax in the garage

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Pretty lesbians relax in the garage

Meet best girl friend Kristen and Natalie. These beauty blonde and brunette girls works for FTV. Blonde Natalie is a 21 years old erotic model with nice tits and sexy tattoo on her slim stomach, brunette babe Kristen has long brunette hair and happy smile.

Now check as hot lesbians Kristen and Natalie get down to some lesbian sex action until beauty lesbians can’t avoid orgasm!

Sexy lesbians met in the garage and starts their lesbian play!

These young babes get as hardcore as they can,blonde and brunette in sexy little skirt licking and fingering one another’s pink pussies and asses! Hot girls can’t get enough with this, blonde sexy girl takes her lovely vibrator and insert them in her wet hot holes! It is always a good to see one girl with sexy toys, but now you can see beauty lesbian action!


Blonde with really big tits posing nude in the garden

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Blonde with really big tits posing nude in the garden

Beauty blonde Sandra presents her new set for Femjoy. Sandra has shine blonde hair and sweet smile and her famous huge natural tits.
Blonde babe was born in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Busty blonde is very proud of her small country and she likes living here. One of her beloved actors is Bruce Willis. During weekends hot blonde met her friends and she also likes to go singing at karaoke bars. Sandra with milky boobs really happy Femjoy accepted her as a model.
Today babe with perfect big tits with large nipples posing in the garden.
Sandra absolutely naked and you can see her pink wet pussy and sexy body.
This beautiful blonde babe is showing you her sexy slim body as she’s stripteasing and posing her really big tits and pussy! The short-haired blonde teen cannot decide which pose is the best, so she tries all positions to present her super- sexy beauty body…

Gorgeous brunette nymph posing nude on the swing outside

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Gorgeous brunette nymph posing nude on the swing outside

Susann from Femjoy is a real estate agent. She also appears, as an actress in some TV series. Long-haired curly brunette with big tits is very cheerful, hard working, and sociable. Gorgeous brunette was two times champion of gymnastics, and recently strong lady purchased a very good camera, and plan to become a good photographer, hopefully for Femjoy.
Pretty babe was born in London in ordinary intelligent family. Babe with really long legs was a very vigorous girl, she was all over the places! 21 years old brunette did everything on run. Susann was often compared to a tornado.
Today beauty Susann with really big natural tits posing on the swing at the river.
Look at her super sexy body and her tight pussy. Susann seems as a real forest fairy!

Gorgeous blonde Kinga showing her naked body at the river

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Gorgeous blonde Kinga showing her naked body at the river

Look the first outdoor photo session this spring from famous model Kinga! This blonde beauty is a good-known model from Femjoy.

This super-beauty blonde babe do not like to leave the house. Kinga loves the comfort and household utensils.

Blonde with big natural tits loves to cook, and create a home comfort. It makes her happy to has the smell of clean laundry around. Natural blonde prefer to stay home and read books and listen to melodious music. Even on trips she do not like to leave the hotel. Long-haired blonde really like to take a hot bath with bubbles. Pretty erotic model can lie in it for hours!

Look at her pretty naked body at the river! She seems so beauty and gorgeous with her big natural tits and tight slim pussy. Kinga shows all parts of her naked body for you!